Let’s Build a Partnership

With over 25 years of experience, we are perfectly placed to identify and attract the perfect candidates for your business.

Finding candidates who are the perfect fit for your business…

With over 25 years of experience in placing skilled, high calibre talent with some of the IT, communications and engineering industry’s most important players, we are perfectly placed to identify and attract the perfect candidates for your business.

We believe in developing strong, personal partnerships with our clients, allowing us to truly understand the type of candidates their business really needs, the direction they want to take their business, and exactly how we can help them to achieve that.

Finding candidates who are the perfect fit for their business is one of the biggest challenges facing many companies at the moment, but with our help we can assure your business makes the right connections!

Why Use Arthur Wood Recruitment Agency?

If you’re on this website, then we’re assuming you’re already struggling to find the right employees to suit your company’s needs. Our determined team can completely take the stress out of finding the perfect candidate for your business.



A wide pot of already screened, primed for action talent that we know will smash your expectations.



We do the searching, so you don’t have to. All candidates will have already been assessed, so only those suitable for your role will even be considered, and for time critical roles, we have a pool of eager talent primed and ready to impress for both contract and permanent positions.



With our vast experience and credentials, you can rest assured that we know high calibre talent when we see it. By forming a mutual partnership with our clients, we get a feel for what their business needs and in turn they can trust us to find them the best candidate every time.



Our flexible packages and services allow you to only avail of the services you really need, whether you’re looking for continual, headhunting, fast-paced recruitment with exclusive access to the crème de la crème of IT talent, or you simply need the odd ad-hoc placement to complete your team.


A Mutual, Dedicated Partnership

We pride ourselves on only working with a limited number of companies at one time, so that we can deliver a dedicated service to each of our clients and to offer a level of exclusivity most recruitment agencies simply cannot match.

Flexible Recruitment Services to Meet Your Requirements & Standards

At Arthur Wood Recruitment we can work closely with you to design a tailor-made service to match your recruitment requirements perfectly. The majority of our services fall into the three categories listed below, but we can mix and match these and scale your options up or down to establish the perfect balance for us helping you to move forward in securing the best candidates both now and in the future.

Managed recruitment

Bespoke, full-managed and fully-comprehensive services designed to offer businesses a cost-effective way to have access to a large pool of technical and sales talent who have been fully vetted and assessed for their suitability for your company. Full support from receiving brief right up to placement.

Head Hunting / Retained Services

The use of stealth tactics and industry insights to continuously source the very best talent, including candidates who rarely come on to the market.

Contingency Recruitment / Mission Critical

Suitable for companies who wish to expand into developing markets or have just acquired new contracts and urgently need new talent to help them achieve these goals and challenges.